Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the launch

I am unaccustomed to leaving.  Being left, I understand.  Escaping and returning is my bread and butter.  But leaving for a time, that has been a harder thing that I expected.  Later alligator and not-goodbye-but-until-we-meet-again and all of those cliches ignored, though they are true.

But I have no hesitation, just some butterflies. My entire "how to prep for Africa" to do list is nearly completed.  I would not claim to be prepared yet, but the to do list is finished.  I'm almost in shock - the adrenaline will carry me from here on out.

I'm thrilled about the opportunity and I know that the role others have played in my life to this point has helped to launch me.  And the significance of the impact has sent me clear across the world...

It is an interesting tug in my heart to be launched so far by people I love so much, people that will remain in my heart even half a world away, people who keep my dreams safe and who affirm my ability and who keep my soup hot while I'm adventuring... it's these people who have told me that I'm brave and that I'm strong and that I can.  I honor the belief they have in me by trying, by waving back as I go toward the challenge, and by running home with open arms when I've accomplished it.

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